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Comical Hip-Hop For Kids

THE BIG EPIC SHOW is the American comedy and hip-hop variety show for children, based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, that is well known for their live comical hip-hop performances and music, which are “epic” in nature. 


The ambitious production is a full-throttle, interactive experience for young toddlers and up, entertaining their fans at every turn with live comical hip-hop performances, interactive dance-a-longs, puppets, banana suits, special effects/lighting, and the BIG EPIC Dance Contest. 

THE BIG EPIC SHOW is revered by many prestigious organizations such as PBS, Make-a-Wish Foundation, MN Adopt, Children’s Hospital MN, Minnesota Parent Magazine, and dozens of international partners.


Their "MAKE IT EPIC” Album includes 11 tracks of hilarious and inspirational lyrics about everything from fruit snacks, pets, to talking bananas, veggies, and being proud of who you are.

THE BIG EPIC SHOW now has a brand new TV show for kids called Kid Talk with Banana Girl, a show about an energetic talking banana with big dreams to do something EPIC!


Founded in 2013 by Cherice Mahal (Miss Cherice), in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the kids hip-hop band draws inspiration from her passion for comedy, hip-hop, dance, variety shows, and most of all, children. 

Mahal started her career with high school show choir (she performed with Koo Koo Kangaroo Emcee Bryan Atchison), and went on to perform in the University of Minnesota Gospel Choir. She graduated from the U Of M with a Bachelor of Individualized Studies in Spanish, Child Psychology, and Family Social Science. 

After college, she worked in the corporate world and found that it was not for her, she resigned, and began working as a nanny. During this time, she went to karaoke 4 nights a week with a friend, and one winter night, she won a karaoke talent contest. Soon enough, Mahal and her friend started a  hip-hop duo called Blonde Insanity.

Through her karaoke experience and being in her first hip-hop group, Mahal found her passionate for performing and directing, and sought out more creative opportunities such as DJing and even being a band manager. She was also inspired by variety shows (she won a dance contest) that incorporated the audience, and she always had a deep connection to children.

One day in September 2013, she received a clear vision of a "BIG" and "EPIC" "SHOW," a show that inspired, entertained, and made the audience a part of the show. This act had to have everything, from comedy sketches, to hip-hop, to an EPIC Dance Contest of some sort. So she launched THE BIG EPIC SHOW right there and planned and hosted a huge opening night at The Fine Line in Downtown Minneapolis. It was a hectic night of fashion, auctions, other opening acts, and THE BIG EPIC SHOW's debut. Soon after opening night, she booked an appearance on The Children's Hospital MN's Live Kids TV Show. She heard about the show from working with another band. So she made the material kid friendly and performed her music on the close circuit show. After reviewing the footage with the team, it became clear that the show was perfect for kids. And that's who they focused on for the next 7 years.

Through trial and error, Mahal and her cast further developed the comical material and catchy original music for the show. Meanwhile she and the booking team were busy booking shows at parks and schools, and performed for big names like PBS, Mall Of America, Hard Rock Cafe, Minnesota Parent Magazine, and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Then in 2017, another burning desire hit Mahal ... it was time to write and record BES's first album, "MAKE IT EPIC." Mahal and her producers, Jeff Grady and her DJ Lisa Senopole, got it done ... They successfully produced the hilarious and catchy original kids album about everything from being EPIC, to fruit snacks, to being Proud of who you are.

In 2020, Mahal and Green Screen Studios Minneapolis partnered to launch BES Studios, an in-house, state-of-the-art green screen studio, where BES now produces "Kid Talk with Banana Girl," the hilarious sketch comedy TV Show for kids that stars a talking banana as the host. In addition to Kid Talk, BES records music videos and hosts virtual shows in the studio. BES will even be publishing a children's book about Banana Girl in 2021-2022. 


The mission is and has always stayed the same: spread music and laughter to kids all around the world. Because of Covid, BES will not be touring in-person, but look for lots of EPIC Fun on their Youtube channel! 

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