Kid Talk With Banana Girl is now accepting inquiries from organizations that help families to advertise during the show. KT has already worked with prestigious organizations such as The Animal Humane Society and is looking for other quality brands that will match our quality content. The pre-recorded show is an average of 45 minutes (with ads), with 11 episodes in season 1, and will air on YouTube in 2021-2022.


The adorable show format consists of:


- Pre-roll ad slots before the show,

- First half of show: bananalogue and teachable moment #1

- Midroll ad slots

- Second half of show: guest interview and teachable moment #2

- The musical performance (featured guest or the in-house band THE BIG EPIC SHOW)

- Post-roll ad slots

Kid Talk gears toward ages 2-10 years old with a mixture of learning and entertainment. Each episode is themed after a song from THE BIG EPIC SHOW's latest album. KT will select organizations that are a good fit for the following themes:

- What it means to be EPIC

- Balancing our sweet treats with fruits and veggies

- The joy of pets

- What to do when you are not having so EPIC of a day

- Being proud of who you are

- How to have fun when you can't see your friends

- The importance of sleep/imagination/mindfulness

- The EPICness of a great story/going on a journey with a talking banana

- Trying new things 

- Being a comeback kid

*Advertising on Kid talk is unique in that we can take your script and turn it into a fun sketch that Banana Girl and/or her puppet cast will act in, giving the fans an organically delivered message. Wow.

If you like what you've read, the next step is to contact THE BIG EPIC SHOW Booking Team and they will send you some numbers and officially book your slot! So exciting.

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