Meet Banana Girl!

       She is an energetic banana who is always ready to learn and        wants to spread happiness and positive messages to kids everywhere.


THE BIG EPIC SHOW is proud to announce our new YouTube TV show for kids, Kid Talk with Banana Girl. We’re bringing you a series of fun educational sketches, hip-hop songs for kids, and interviews with special guests to bring comedy, learning, music, and positivity to young audiences everywhere. Our episodes focus on valuable lessons, with puppet friends joining Banana Girl to further engage kids and help them grow into their most EPIC Selves.


Kid Talk is focused on learning about fresh new ideas and concepts that kids may not learn from traditional schooling and children’s programming. Each episode is themed after a song from our ‘MAKE IT EPIC’ album, available on all major streaming platforms. There are episodes about everything from being EPIC, to the joy of pets, how to eat healthy, loving yourself on the bad days, how to keep trying new things, being a comeback kid, voyaging/going on adventures, mindfulness/meditation, and there are even episodes about being proud of who you are.

The hilarious and unique show is definitely a family-friendly program that unites parents with their children all around the world. It is a unique mix of a fun talk show format, live sketch comedy, and a podcast for kids, that creates fresh new ways for families to learn and grow. Kid Talk also highlights local Twin Cities businesses and non-profits, such as The Animal Humane Society, in a show of support for organizations that help families. 

Although Kid Talk is not yet released, you can follow Banana Girl and her wacky puppet cast online now: she has her own vlog (Banana Girl’s Room) on The BES YouTube Channel, she has her own advice column, and The KT Puppet Cast even write letters to the fans to highlight their wacky adventures, love for life, and lessons for kids to help them grow (can be found on social media)! Parents love watching the videos and reading the letters out loud to their kids after dinner or as inspiration for their week. Don’t forget to check out the “Meet The Cast” tab, to read their hilarious and EPICally Adorable Bios.

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