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She is the host of Kid Talk, an energetic talking banana who loves learning about everything and making kids laugh. She is a busy banana, from practicing her bananalogues to drawing to performing her raps (she is a rapping banana). She pulls it all off with a positive attitude, taking 3 hour lunch breaks, and with the support of her BIG EPIC Fans ... oh and also her producer Victor Otter of course!

Likes: Banana pun jokes

Dislikes: Hungry monkeys (who eat bananas get it?)


Victor Otter is a Canadian transplant to Minnesota. After several years as a Zoo animal, Victor needed a career change. Graduating from the U of M with an Applied Media Degree, Victor now works as a producer for Kid Talk. 


Likes: Black Coffee, Jazz, and Hand Holding.

Dislikes: Bad Seafood, Paperwork, and over used perfume.

Trivia: Victor Otter has family in northern Canada and can even speak some French fluently!


Mr. Foxy Guy is a fox of many talents. To some, he is a fox who gives great high fives. To others, he takes on many hats backstage and in front of the stage to make sure THE BIG EPIC SHOW and Kid Talk go smoothly! Give this fox a hand and a break!


Likes: High fives, camping, and catching up with old friends!

Dislikes: Technical setbacks.

Trivia: He was the first cast member in THE BIG EPIC SHOW!


A bouncing, wandering, and kinda trouble making friend of the group, Flora is a near and dear friend to anyone who wants to be her friend! Just be careful if you get too low to the ground ... she'll give you LOTS of kisses!


Dislikes: Cats that are too cool for school


Younger than the other puppets, he is very energetic but he's got a lot to learn from the rest of the team, like how to stop eating carrots so much during meetings ... I mean, come on! It's just so distracting!

Likes: Being cute and fuzzy ... so much that he gets whatever he wants and never learns that he has to work for things sometimes.

Dislikes: Having to get a part-time job to fuel his organic carrot obsession

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Graduated from the New York Academy of Acting, Walter A. Melon had a large background in stunts and dramatic monologues. As part of his training, he has achieved several years in karate and martial arts, not to mention the ability to pull himself together in tough situations. You can catch him on Open Mic Nights performing his own monologues in addition to his appearances on THE BIG EPIC SHOW and Kid Talk With Banana Girl.

Likes: Shakespeare in the Park, Green Juice, and Open Table Discussions

Dislikes: Anyone interrupting his Monologue. Anyone.

Trivia: Walter's love for the theater came when he saw a production of Little Shop of Bore-ers. It inspired him to get his first role as Ensemble for Rocks of Ages!


The best bubble brained fish around, Mister Fishy keeps it real in the deep sea... of his fish tank. He can swim not only in the water, but he can also swim in the air so he can perform for the kids (at least for a little bit). Lastly, Mister Fishy likes to keep it free flowing while showing how fishes can be really awesome pets!

Likes: Learning new dance moves, swimming, and fish food!

Dislikes: People tapping on his bowl, cats, and pepper!