Bring THE BIG EPIC SHOW To Your Learning Center

Miss Cherice, from THE BIG EPIC SHOW, will bring the EPIC fun to your learning center with live comical hip-hop performances, interactive dance-a-longs, puppets, banana suits, special effects/lighting, and the BIG EPIC Dance Contest, which includes the students! This high energy production is creatively designed to entertain young toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged kids, and even teachers and parents.

At every turn, Miss Cherice includes the students into the show; through teaching them dance moves and lyrics, introducing them to fuzzy friends (puppets/stuffed animals/funny props/costumes), and by making them feel like champions during the BIG EPIC Dance Contest. Miss Cherice also incorporates music that the kids know and love into the show (i.e. Tops 40's, Baby Shark, What Does The Fox Say? Watch Me Whip). The students get lots of opportunities to share about themselves on mic, learn a new inspirational or funny concept, or test out some new dance moves in front of their class. It is one BIG EPIC Journey for the whole school!

THE BIG EPIC SHOW is revered by many prestigious organizations such as PBS, Mall of America, Children’s Hospital MN, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Minnesota Parent Magazine, and dozens of parks around town.

The fully-loaded production includes:
A 10 minute pre-show of music and dancing, the hip-hop variety show, and a 5 minute post-show cast meet and greet with more music and dancing. Your booking also comes with a free CD and Digital Album, and you can pre-order more for all of your classrooms at a discount as well. THE BIG EPIC SHOW also provides high quality sound, lighting, and special effects. Preparation costs such as event promotion, travel, rehearsal, and any giveaways are already included.

Productions are 30, 40, 50, and 55 minutes in length

Perfect for young toddlers to elementary students

Separate 20 minute show suggested for toddlers

Unlimited kids per show with teachers/adults present

Shows are performed in classrooms, theatres, gyms, lunchrooms, and outdoors with thorough overhead coverage (to protect students and equipment)
BES provides sound unless stated otherwise

Shows start at $295 


Perfect for in-house field trips, family nights, and school assemblies.


to its name"


- Twin Cities Family Fun

"Your unending energy and music made it for an engaging experience."  

"We heard nothing

but raves from parents and kids alike!"

    "A prepared, polished, entertaining, and energetic performance!"     


"...a show that brings families together.” 





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