From professional improv actors, costumed character performers, comics, and emcees, we come from all backgrounds, love entertaining kids, and together have over 100 years of experience.



Miss Cherice

Director & Emcee

Miss Cherice graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor's in Child Psychology and has over 15 years of professional experience with children and youth. Her love of comedy, hip-hop, dance, and kids inspired her to found THE BIG EPIC SHOW in 2013. She is currently the owner and emcee who entertains her audience through infectious positive energy and interactive games. At each live performance, her goal is to create a fun and safe place for kids to be their silly selves.

Jackson Collins

Penny the Puppy, Bubbles the Gorilla, Banana Man

Jackson is the Daniel Day-Lewis of Mascots.  He’s been a number of different creatures over the years, but being a giant banana is one of his favorites.  He believes that laughter is the best way to grow children’s confidence, which is the number one reason he dances.  In twenty years he hopes to still be making kids laugh and encouraging them to follow their dreams.


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Lisa Senopole

"DJ Little Lisa"

Lisa has been working with kids since the age of 14, in before-and-after school programs, church youth ministries, and Boys and Girls Clubs. She loves working with children because kids are a blast and their energy is infectious!

Lisa loves playing music and digs the fact that music is a universal language.  No matter our differences, Lisa appreciates that music has ability to bring people together, build bonds and create memories that last a lifetime!



Josiah plays our famous Banana Man, who performs antics throughout the show. He has a background in improv comedy and performs at venues around the Twin Cities. He loves working with kids and is extremely talented in making them life. 


Josiah Thompson

"Banana Man"



"Banana Dog"
Forever In Our Hearts

We are very sad to announce that our beloved "Banana Dog” Nola has passed. She was and will always be our official BIG EPIC Canine Costumed Character. She accompanied her mom, Miss Cherice, to festivals all over the Twin Cities. Together, both in matching banana suits and tutus, they greeted families, talked about the show, and spread the love and laughter to families everywhere they went. 


One of her best performance routines was rolling down hills in her banana suit. Nola was truly a show stopper and she has brought joy to thousands of kids over the years. Nola, we love you so much, we miss you, you are always with us, and we will keep the BIG EPIC Dream going for you