Meet Banana Girl!

Updated: Feb 17

Hey EPIC fans, my name is Banana Girl and I'm going to be kicking off THE BIG EPIC SHOW's brand new blog! Today I'm going to tell you some fun facts about myself so you can get to know me before my show, Kid Talk With Banana Girl, airs later this year! I'm a fun-loving, energetic talking banana who's always had big dreams, like hosting my own TV show!! I love making banana puns (who could resist?) and learning about EVERYTHING! I love music so much that I feature a live musical performance in every episode, from our in-house band, THE BIG EPIC SHOW!

Head over to THE BIG EPIC SHOW YouTube channel to see a sneak peek of my new show, Kid Talk With Banana Girl (coming later this year), and to see some previews of the live music you'll see on the show!

It's been fun writing for you and I can't wait for you to see my show, I'm sure you'll love it! Peace out EPIC fans! See you soon!


Banana Girl

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