Meet the Puppet Pals: Mr. Foxy Guy

Who's back again? It's me, Banana Girl! Ready to meet another one of my puppet pals? Today it's Mr. Foxy Guy, a fox of many talents. To some, he is a fox who gives great high fives. To others, he takes on many hats backstage and in front of the stage to make sure THE BIG EPIC SHOW and Kid Talk go smoothly! Give this fox a hand and a break! Mr. Foxy Guy enjoys high fives, camping, and catching up with old friends! He doesn't care for technical setbacks though, so keep your hands and paws away from his tech! A super fun fact about Mr. Foxy Guy? He was the very first cast member of THE BIG EPIC SHOW!

Come back soon to meet the rest of my wonderful puppet pals! Next up: Flora the Dog!

Ta-ta for now!


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