Meet the Puppet Pals: Victor Otter

Updated: Feb 17

Hey EPIC fans! It's me Banana Girl, back again! Over the next few posts I will be introducing you to my puppet friends! First up is the producer of Kid Talk With Banana Girl, Victor Otter. He is a Canadian transplant to Minnesota. After several years as a Zoo animal, Victor needed a career change. He graduated from the U of M with an Applied Media Degree and that's how he became the producer of Kid Talk. Victor loves black coffee, jazz, and hand holding. But don't give him paperwork or bad seafood, you'll upset him. I'll leave you with one more fun fact about my favorite producer, he speaks a little French because he has family in Northern Canada.

Come back soon to meet the rest of my wonderful puppet pals! Next up: Mr. Foxy Guy

Ta-ta for now,


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