THE BIG EPIC SHOW Travels Anywhere To Share The Music

No travel fees will be applied to venues located within 30 minutes of BES Studios as calculated by Google Maps 2.5 hours before the performance time (to account for traffic) usually within the red circle shown below. High traffic times may cause the travel time to go up. Venues outside of the circle or venues that are more than 30 minutes from BES Studios are subject to travel fees. Fees occur because BES compensates the cast for longer drive times/cost of fuel.


If you are located outside the red circle, email directly for a price quote. If you have already booked online, the BES Booking Team will contact you soon to help determine if a fee will apply. Thank you.

BES Studios


“We were blown away and could not recommend them enough!”

- Amy and Adam P. - Parents

“What a crew! This high-energy team pumps up any party!”

- Katie P. - Dakota County


"They consistently deliver a prepared, polished, entertaining, and energetic performance."

- MN Children's Hospital


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